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Lodge fundraisers

Gjetost (ekte or regular, $12.50/250 gm), calendars ($20),  and face masks ($15) are available in limited quantities. Prepay and have calendars and masks mailed to Canadian addresses at no extra cost. Contact

Trollhaugen Camp

The camp website is and it is on Facebook as Trollhaugen Language Arts and Culture Society.  

Located at Deer Valley Meadows near Alix, Alberta, this family camp provides an August week of  Norwegian language, history, crafts and culture for all ages. On the final day of camp, guests are welcome to view the crafts exhibit, have lunch and enjoy the wind-up program.

Laft Hus (in Red Deer)

2021 February Laft Hus News


Double-click on the newsletter issue you wish to read and save the file to your computer. Flygeblad is Valhalla lodge’s newsletter. SONFIC newsletters come from the Sons of Norway Foundation in Canada. Fabulous Fourth Footnotes (FFF), the newsletter for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana and North Dakota, is available here and at Leiflette is District 7’s newsletter.

Edmonton Mar-Apr

SONFIC – March

Flygeblad – February

Saskatoon-Feb 2021

FFF – January 2021

Edmonton – Jan Feb

Lethbridge Jan-Feb 2021

Flygeblad – December


Leiflette Dec


Edmonton – Nov Dec

Lots of traditional Norwegian Christmas recipes, stories, and crafts

Lethbridge Nov Dec

Flygeblad – Nov 2020